You Need a Resume, Not a C.V.

Are you an academic scientist trying to make the jump into industry, but find that most positions require prior industry experience? Seeing all those job postings may have left you feeling defeated. That is why with every post I write, I compile a list of industry jobs that do not require you to have previously worked in industry.

When you know that there are jobs out there waiting for you to apply, your very first step to a career path in industry is to put together a resume. For industry jobs, you need a resume, NOT an academic CV. Sometimes mistakenly used as synonyms, CVs and resumes are actually different types of documents used in different situations for different purposes.

Curricula vitae are used by professors and others in academic tracks. They focus on the nature of the research, teaching, fellowships, and grants. These are things that are most relevant to faculty research and teaching positions. Details of your accomplishments and contributions are often supplied in elaborate letters of reference.

An industry-friendly resume should reflect what’s important to be successful in industry–things like innovation, productivity, and teamwork.

The old saying “You never get a second chance to make a good first impression,” hold when applying for jobs. A potential employer’s first impression of you is your resume. Can you risk it being overlooked? Due to the sheer number of resumes a hiring manager pours through, they may only take a few seconds to glance at your information and decide if it is worth reading more. If your resume is not focused on what’s important in industry, their first impression may be that you are “not right” for an industry job. This is why you should take the time to create an industry-friendly resume that highlights your industry-relevant achievements.

“How am I supposed to know what those relevant achievements are?”

“How do I effectively communicate my productivity to a hiring manager without lots of publications?”

These and similar questions are addressed in the files at We are here to help you get your resume ready to apply for, and get, industry positions. Our site was specifically created by scientists for scientists to help scientists, like you, make the transition into industry more smoothly.

Have you noticed that general resume template websites and online resume advice sites aren’t applicable for most science resumes? Or found that your advisor or P.I. gives you conflicting information about what and how to write a resume?

At you will get the tools you need to write a result-orientated, industry-friendly resume that will get you noticed by a hiring manager. You will get files such as the P.R.E. Resume Worksheet, which is specifically designed to help you, as a scientist, identify results you may have not considered or included.

You will see how to rethink your research experience and say it in a way that communicates effectively to an industry hiring manager. There is even the option to have your resume professionally reviewed and returned with comments. With a small investment you can see a big return.

Let the experts at help you get your industry career started today!

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Once your resume is ready, click HERE to see if any of these “no-industry-experience-required” openings are a match for your background and skills.

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