You Don’t Need Prior Industry Experience

There are industry positions that pop up regularly for scientists with advanced degrees that do not need prior industry experience. But you must be proactive in finding them and ready to respond when they arise. Openings that specifically fit your skills and interests may be more difficult to find.

That’s why I regularly post opportunities we have found which will allow advanced degree scientists to transition into industry.  This post has openings which, for whatever reason, are focused in San Diego, CA (with one exception being in the UK!). They range from MS level opportunities, to postdoctoral PhD openings in industry, to Director level jobs where an academic can move into a more industry-like setting. They also span roles from chemistry, biology, and statistics to computational physics.

No matter how good the fit seems to you though, if your resume is still written like an academic scientist’s, you will probably not get a call. Invest a few dollars in yourself and get the tools you need to clearly and effectively compose an industry-friendly resume.

Others have done so and then successfully transitioned into productive, rewarding scientific careers in industry. Improve your odds of getting a call to interview by visiting and getting the information, tools, and resume review you need to succeed.

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