Transitioning into Industry

Making the step into industry from academia, private research institutions, or government can be problematic, and the process is often discouraging. That is why I routinely publish links to jobs that do not require prior industry experience.

But, industrial work experience is not the biggest hurdle that we, as recruiters, hiring managers, industry researchers, HR, etc., see for people wanting to make that transition.

The biggest problems are:

1. Resumes that are not industry-friendly, either in format or content; and,

2. Expectations

The first issue is the reason that the site was developed. Built with input from people who are actively involved with hiring scientists in industry, its purpose is to help scientists make that step into industry. On the website, you will find answers to many questions you have probably asked yourself. And, you can read about the differences between CVs and resumes in a way that you’ve probably not heard from your academic PI or colleagues.

While much of this information may sound like what you hear about on other career websites, this information is targeted and developed by scientists for scientists.

More importantly, the files give you the tools you need to:

  1. Define results of your research experience that are relevant to a hiring manager (beyond publications);
  2. Articulate and present those results in a way that has the most meaning and impact;
  3. Make future edits or adjustments to help target the resume to specific positions without major re-writes.

The website itself will help you better understand the different priorities of academic and industrial research institutions. That information will help you align your expectations more appropriately when interviewing.

Check out You will not find a site more relevant and focused for your goal of getting a science-related position in industry. After using the tools to re-think and re-write your resume, you can even have it reviewed by professionals for comments, suggestions, and edits. When you’re done, use your new, results-focused, industry-friendly resume to apply to the US jobs I complied HERE (sorted by state) or future jobs that do not require prior industry experience.

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