Transitioning From Academia to Industry: Getting a position without prior industry experience

If you’re an academic scientist who wants to transition into industry, you may have felt defeated by the number of positions that require prior industry experience. This may have led you to believe that you will never find your way into industry. That’s why we at periodically compile lists of industry jobs that do not require you to have previously held a position in industry. Below is a link to Postdoctoral and Scientist industry jobs from around the country that are available to an academic scientist.

Knowing that there are jobs waiting for your application, what should be your first step? That first step is to convert your academic CV into a resume. Your resume is the first introduction to a potential employer, and we all know that you never get a second chance to make a good first impression. A hiring manager can have thousands of resumes to pour through and may only take a few seconds to glance at each one to decide if it is worth further consideration. If yours is too academic, the first impression may be that you are “not right.” You need to take the time to make sure you have an industry-friendly resume that highlights your industry-relevant achievements.

You may have struggled with writing a resume that conveys succinctly and effectively how your history is applicable to an industry position. Often, the only example an academic scientist has is their P.I.’s CV which is written to highlight things that are important for academic positions. In order to get an industry job, you need a resume that highlights things that are relevant to a hiring manger in industry. How are you supposed to know what those things are and how to communicate them?

These and similar questions are addressed in the files at

We are here to help you get your resume ready. We were founded by industry scientists, recruiters, and hiring managers who wanted to help scientists like yourself make this transition more smoothly. We have seen scientists struggle to figure out how to write an appropriate resume. (Have you noticed that resume template websites and online resume advice sites aren’t applicable for most researchers? We have!)

At you will get the tools you need to write a result-orientated, industry-friendly resume that will get you noticed by a hiring manager. There is even the option to have your resume professionally reviewed and returned with comments. Let us help you get in the door and start your industry career. With this small investment you can see a big return. Let the experts at jump start your career today!

Click HERE to see Postdoctoral and Scientist industry jobs that are available to you as an academic scientist. And follow me for periodic updates on positions and resume tips.

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