These Openings Do Not Require Prior Industry Experience

As part of our effort to help scientists transition out of academia and into industry, I try to post positions we find that do not require industry experience. This month’s list is heavy on genome-related openings. But there also are opportunities ranging from chemistry to diagnostics to ophthalmology.

Whatever your expertise is, be sure that your resume reflects a hiring manager’s interests, is in an industry-friendly format, and clearly communicates what you’ve done (and by extension, what you can do) for an employer.

Don’t trust generalized resume sites, or get advice from someone who mostly deals with CVs or limited numbers of industry resumes. Get instruction, insights, and samples from scientists who assimilated specific information to help scientists transition out of academia into industry.  Small investment, big return at

And the worksheet you use to generate your results-oriented resume will help you prepare for interviewing by reminding you of challenges you have already overcome–scientifically, collaboratively, personally.

Get ready, then see if any of these openings are a match for your skills and interests.  Click HERE to view.

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