The Industry-Friendly Resume

Resumes and C.V.s differ in important ways, though the terms are often used interchangeably. Don’t be fooled, though. If you want to move into, or advance in, industry, you will need an industry friendly resume.

While the scientific approach to discovery may not be much different in academic, government, nonprofit, or industry labs, the environment in which it is done can vary dramatically—as can the ultimate goal. For-profit businesses and nonprofit organizations often have different reasons for pursuing a scientific question. These two factors (the organization’s culture and purpose) alone mean that there are different priorities, so different styles of applications are needed.

In academia, hiring is often done by a team and your application is part of a packet of information including a C.V., a scientific proposal, reference letters, and perhaps a proposed operating budget. They are interested in whether you will build the institution’s reputation, attract funding, and teach effectively.

In industry, the focus is more on the bottom-line: will you be productive in generating relevant and meaningful information in a time-efficient manner? Though a team of people will likely interview you, the decision to interview and, ultimately, the decision to hire you likely will be made by one individual. The hiring manager generally wants to know if you are productive, innovative, and cooperative. Communicating that starts with your resume.

Hiring managers are not generally interested in descriptions of your experience or even what you learned. They want to know how you contributed, innovated, and what resulted.

For this reason, it is best to use bullet points and active past tense verbs which, psychologically, communicate to the reader “results accomplished.”

But a good resume is more than titles, bullet points, and publications.

How do you know what’s relevant to a hiring manager and how to express it best?

The Position-Results-Edge (PRE) Resume Worksheet© available at helps you evaluate your time in a “results-oriented” context and present it in a clear, powerful way.

Designed by industry scientists for scientists, the P.R.E. Resume Worksheet© will guide you into realizing results you did not even remember or consider. And, you will see how to articulate those results in a direct and meaningful way that hiring managers appreciate. Plus, get tips on constructing your resume in a way that is flexible and easily tailored for specific jobs.

The creators of know how hard it is to break into, or advance, in industry without the right tools. You will not find a site more relevant and focused for your goal of getting into, or advancing in, science-related positions in industry.

Invest a little in yourself to get the files you need to create a strong, industry-friendly resume. You can even have it reviewed, proofread, and edited by industry professionals.

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