Tailoring Your Resume

Do you feel as though getting into (or advancing in) industry is difficult—or sometimes impossible? You are not alone. Have you applied to multiple jobs that seem like a good fit for your background, but never heard back after submitting your resume? That is not uncommon, yet it can be discouraging to have no response on a job that you felt was a great fit.

Why didn’t the company respond to your application?

If you are not getting responses to applications for positions that specifically require your skills/background, the problem may be your resume.

Maybe you have the science background they want, but it isn’t highlighted or communicated in a way that is easy to read or find. Hiring managers will briefly scan a resume the first time they see it. If they don’t see the things that interest them, the resume will be set aside.

You need to make sure your relevant skills, training, and background are easily read. It is a good idea to tailor your resume to the specific job posting. That doesn’t mean including things you have not done, OR including everything you have done.

It means that you articulate how your background fits the position using a profile or summary, you “order” your sentence structure to reflect the job needs, and you prioritize your bullet points.

Don’t worry about spending hours rewriting your resume for each application. It can be done fairly quickly if you have the know-how. You want to focus on the things that are important in industry to demonstrate that you are ready to leave academia and start an industry career. Then prioritize your results according to the needs of the position, as much as possible.

How do I arrange the information and phrase it in a way that will catch a hiring manager’s attention?

At www.ScientificResumes.com, we can help with such issues. We have tools that will show you how to create a resume so that you can quickly target a position without major re-writes. We can help you see how to emphasize the relevance of your skills and qualifications for a specific opening. Our files and our team (made up of scientists who were once just like you) can aid you in customizing your resume to reflect that position’s needs without changing who you are or what you’ve done.

Our files will show you how to create your personal, industry-relevant resume. We can also proofread and return your resume with comments, corrections, and recommendations.

Are you ready to make a step into, or advance in, your industry career? Then let www.ScientificResumes.com help you get your resume into a results-oriented, industry-friendly format that will show a hiring manager how your background truly fits their needs. Let’s get your industry career started today!

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