September “Get Into Industry” Jobs

Recently I’ve begun to collect postings I see for scientific jobs that do not require prior industry experience. Getting your ‘foot in the door’ is always a challenge, especially for advanced degree scientists who have great academic training and credentials, but no industry experience.  If that is you, check out these recent postings.  link:

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Most importantly… find out what you need to know to get your resume into an industry-friendly format, address a scientific hiring manager’s interests and questions, and articulate the results of your time spent in academia–not just publications, but other contributions you’ve probably not even considered. How? Visit and invest a small amount into getting the P.R.E. Resume worksheet, sample resumes with comments, and learning how to craft an effective profile. If you need a 10% discount code, just let me know at

Not seeing postings relevant to your scientific interest? Let me know!

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