Industry R&D Jobs Out of Academia

The end of each year prompts us all to look at where we are and where we are going. For scientists, this sometimes means deciding between a future in academic research, or transitioning into industry R&D, product development, or other applied science role. While academia has a certain allure, tenured academic positions have become harder to find, and even more challenging to secure as grant money dwindles. Research in industry, however, has been on a big upswing as the economy recovers. In fact, the NASDAQ Biotechnology Index shown in green) has clearly outpaced growth of the NASDAQ in general, the S&P500, and DOW (blue, red, yellow, respectively) over the past 3 years.

By August this year, the FDA had approved 25 new drugs and only rejected three–an 89% approval rate.  Last year, the FDA approved 41 new drugs, the most since 1996 (Forbes). Drug approvals increased confidence in the industry and that’s been reflected in the large number of IPOs which have pumped large amounts of capital into R&D, especially in the biomedical arena.

If you are considering moving into industry as a scientist, there are several hurdles you will need to overcome. The first is the resume (it needs to be industry-friendly and relevant) and the second is identifying positions that do not require prior industry experience.

Make sure your resume communicates what a hiring manager wants to know in a way they can readily identify your contributions. Visit to get information that will help you convert your CV into a powerful, effective resume for entering industry. Created specifically by- scientists-for-scientists you will get the keys you need to get your application noticed. You can even have it proof-read and reviewed by scientific professionals who know what is needed to make that first step into industry.

We’ve compiled a recent list of company positions across the nation that do not require prior industry experience. Once your resume is in the right format with the right focus and clarity, you’ll be ready to apply for one of these openings!  Click HERE to see the list.

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