Industry jobs that DON’T require prior industry experience

Seems that lately there are a number of scientific openings we’ve found that do NOT require prior industry experience. That’s good because getting into industry is probably the most difficult step after graduate school or postdoctoral training. Companies prefer candidates who have 1-2 years of experience in industry because not everyone who wants to transition from academic to industry research should move.  If you believe that a scientific career in industry is more appropriate for you than academic pursuits, check out this link for some current openings.

Then, make sure your resume is as appropriate for industry as your CV is for academia. There is a BIG difference. A group of scientists, recruiters, and hirining managers specifically designed the tools to help you overcome the biggest hurdle to transitioning–creating an industry-friendly resume. Qualified candidates coming out of academia are usually overlooked because neither HR nor the hiring manager see the information that is relevant to them. Learn what’s important and how to present it using the tools at If you’d like, you can even get your resume reviewed for grammar, typos, and content by scientific professionals.

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