How to Deal with Publications – or a lack thereof

Constructing a scientific resume geared towards industry positions can be a difficult experience with unique challenges. The often-conflicting advice you may find on the general resume building websites can make it even more confusing. The truth is that advice given for general resume writing doesn’t necessarily apply to the distinct challenges of creating a SCIENTIFIC resume. An example of a commonly asked questions not addressed by general resume sites includes:

“Do I only include a few select publications or all of them?

What publication format do I use?

 Do publications really matter to an industry hiring manager?”

You may have had some of these same questions yourself—and had trouble finding the answers. You may not even get any advice about publications from general resume building sites. Many people either leave them out entirely or only include “high-profile” papers. Publications, though, DO matter to industry hiring managers. They confirm your productivity.

Your publications are the proof of what you
claimed you have done.

BUT . . .

Publications aren’t the only way to show that you are accomplished and productive. And you don’t have to have lots of publications to get a good job. Sometimes a lot of time-consuming research results only in a single publication. That’s okay! You just need to identify other results that communicate productivity on your resume.

  How do I show that I’m productive apart
from a long list of publications?

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